Fonds philanthropique Fernand Nault

Fonds philanthropique Fernand Nault, dedicated to dance, is a unique lever to awaken and generate interest towards our artistic heritage in dance.


Considering that Fernand Nault was an important figure having worked on the development of dance on a professional level, on the training of dancers, choreographers and teachers, that he has largely supported and participated in several initiatives in dance, the Fonds philanthropique Fernand Nault (FPFN) has been created by Fonds chorégraphique Fernand Nault (FCFN), first, to immortalize the memory of Fernand Nault and secondly, to promote dance by supporting activities of staging, production, editing, publishing, education and formation.


To realize the mission of the FPFN, FCFN will favor among others:

  • help to the production of the choreographic works of Fernand Nault;
  • help to the production of heritage choreographic works from Quebec and/or Canada;
  • help to the edition on dance;
  • any other activity in accord with the mission of the FPFN.

By creating the FPFN, FCFN proposes a unique lever to arouse interest to the heritage in dance, support the realization of projects in dance, contribute to the development of the arts in the community.

How to donate

Fonds philanthropique Fernand Nault invites you to celebrate our past at present time, appreciate what has been given to us, share it and contribute to the sense of belonging to our culture. Your generous contribution will make possible further funding for the advancement of the arts in the community by carrying out heritage projects in dance.

To allow the production of the income tax receipts you are invited to complete the downloadable form for that purpose. Press on the button « FPFN Donation form ». Then send your coordinates, details of donation with your contribution at the address indicated in the footer of the form.

PS: In order to collect and manage the funds, the FCFN has signed an agreement with Ottawa Community Foundation (OCF) in order to support the mission of the Fonds philanthropique Fernand Nault (FPFN).

Many thanks for your contribution.


FCFN is pleased to highlight the initiative of Académie de danse de l’Outaouais for the creation of a Fonds Fernand Nault in 2014, and to allow, in 2018, transfer of the funds received to OCF in order to create FPFN.