Project in memory of Fernand Nault

On December 27th 2020 Fernand Nault would have been 100 years old. An artist who has made a significant contribution to the development of Quebec, Canadian and American culture, Fernand Nault has never granted anyone the right to write his biography. No substantial writing representing his career has therefore been published to date.

While wanting to respect his will, the project consists in gathering a series of testimonies from people and personalities who had the privilege of working alongside Fernand Nault, of benefiting from his teachings or of interpreting one or more of his works, of sharing moments of life with him.

Reason for the project:

The aim is to be able to

  • better know the man, the artist, the creator;
  • better understand the impact of his Work on our culture;
  • have a memory of his passage among us;
  • better understand his influence on the lives of his family and individuals who knew him.

Request for testimonials

To contribute to this unique project, you are invited to give a testimonial of your personal or professional experience, lived with Fernand Nault. You will find some lines of thoughts and all the details to return your testimonial at the attention of Fonds chorégraphique Fernand Nault (FCFN) in the form lined below.

Participation form

You’re also invited to offer to FCFN any document that could contribute to enrich the archives fund dedicated to him

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