Fernand Nault : une passion, un legs
Travelling exhibition

Chris Klein - Floret silva nobilis

Fonds chorégraphique Fernand Nault (FCFN) presents Fernand Nault : une passion, un legs, a multidisciplinary exhibition aimed at promoting an important artistic heritage, both for Quebec and for Canada.

In order to realize this ambitious project, the FCFN has teamed up with prestigious partners and recognized artists in their respective disciplines.

By highlighting the voice of contemporary artists, Fernand Nault : une passion, un legs, offers an incursion on a human scale into the universe of this great dance artist.

Fernand Nault : une passion, un legs, testifies to the exceptional career and the innovative character of the late emeritus choreographer Fernand Nault, a key figure in dance and a still current source of inspiration.

Presentation and technical information

In a multidisciplinary approach, three contemporary visual artists, from different backgrounds, are inspired by the work and passion of Fernand Nault to talk about dance differently.

Présentation des artistes (French version only)

Inspired by the costumes and ballets Carmina Burana, The Nutcracker and Tommy, Fernand Nault : une passion, un legs, gives visitors the chance to discover the world of one of the great Canadian choreographers and the inspiration he provided to the participating artists.

Catalogue des œuvres et présentations (French version only)

Inventaire des reliquaires (French version only)

Reliquaires danseurs (French version only)

Reliquaires danseuses (French version only)

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