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Faire danser le patrimoine

First Canadian choreographer to ensure his artistic succession during his lifetime, Fernand Nault would have been 100 years old in 2020. A great opportunity to live the unique heritage he left us.

To mark and celebrate the 100th birth anniversary of the late Choreographer Emeritus Fernand Nault, André Laprise, trustee of the Fonds chorégraphique Fernand Nault, organizes and coordinates activities, from 2020-2021 season and beyond.

Historical Interview

Fernand Nault, au cœur de la danse presents the unexpected life course of a determined, exceptional, refined man.

Marie Beaulieu proudly and passionately unveils the artistic journey and the Work of a man of dance: Fernand Nault.

Travelling exhibition

As part of Faire danser le patrimoine, FCFN presents Fernand Nault: une passion, un legs, a multidisciplinary exhibition aimed at highlighting an important artistic heritage, both for Quebec and for Canada.
Photo: Veris leta (détail) Migno ©Claude Wauthier

Unearthing… Fernand Nault

As part of Faire danser le patrimoine, the Fonds chorégraphique Fernand Nault invites each and everyone to contribute, in a different way, to bring the artistic heritage of dance to life, to be inspired by it, to celebrate it, to share it.

Dance Heritage Treasure Hunt

Heritage in all its forms represents a treasure made up of multiple elements. Fonds chorégraphique Fernand Nault (FCFN) invites people of all ages to a “Dance Heritage Treasure Hunt (Chasse au trésor du patrimoine de la danse)”.


An artist who has made a significant contribution to the development of Quebec, Canadian and American culture, Fernand Nault has never granted anyone the right to write his biography. No substantial writings representing his career has therefore been published to date.
While wanting to respect his will, the project consists in gathering a series of testimonies from people and personalities who had the privilege of working alongside Fernand Nault, of benefiting from his teachings or of interpreting one or more of his works, of sharing moments of life with him.

Archives and References

You will find in the Archives and References section:
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Fonds chorégraphique Fernand Nault wishes to acknowledge the contribution of sponsors, donors, and partners in inspiring current and future generations.