Dance Heritage Treasure Hunt

Scenery sketch of Carmina Burana by Robert Prévost

Heritage in all its forms represents a treasure made up of multiple elements. Fonds chorégraphique Fernand Nault (FCFN) invites people of all ages to a “Dance Heritage Treasure Hunt (Chasse au trésor du patrimoine de la danse)”.

The intentions of this hunt are to allow everyone to learn about history, archival research, get to know a prominent figure, contribute to enrich the sources of information and references available.

This activity aims at all individuals from various backgrounds: artistic, cultural, economic, educational, political, family, intergenerational, student or professional, etc., and it can be done individually or in group.

In order to facilitate the treasure hunt, FCFN makes available tools and references that may be useful to you in your research and your procedures. In order to give a playful sentiment to this civic and voluntary activity, we are proposing the concept of dance heritage Pirates.

*FCFN can help to identify individuals who have known or have evolved with Fernand Nault’s help, directly or indirectly.

Pirate’s Guide

Collaborator’s Guide

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