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As part of “Faire danser le patrimoine”, the Fonds chorégraphique Fernand Nault (FCFN) invites each and everyone to contribute, in a different way, to bring the artistic heritage of dance to life, to be inspired by it, to celebrate it, to share it.

Like an echo in time, Josée Hurteau let herself be impregnated with the story of the dancer, creator, and teacher, Fernand Nault. In her own way, she wishes to bring forward the diversity of subjects and themes addressed by the choreographer, which are still and always relevant.

My meeting with Fernand Nault

It is by a unique coincidence that I met Fernand Nault, an unexpected meeting made possible throughout the eyes and passion of André Laprise, Trustee of the FCFN. Also, via the enthusiastic stories and accurate words of dance historian, Marie Beaulieu.

Neophyte in classical dance, I was simply seduced by the life, the achievements and the time period of this great man. What charmed me the most, in addition to his choreographies, was his patience as a teacher with young participants in The Nutcracker, his great concern to highlight each dancer. Fernand Nault’s undeniable contribution to male dancing and deconstruction of certain stereotypes.

And, like me, his creative process is driven by the music.

Josée Hurteau, artistic approach

Painter without paint, Josée Hurteau expresses herself with wool that she felts and stitches.

Felt is a non-woven textile, called wool-wicking, created by rubbing wool with hot water and soap. This long, very physical process allows the artist to take a step back throughout the creation of his artwork. Accompanied by a story, each work is a voice that celebrates, denounces, underlines. A work can easily represent 60 hours of creation.

“My way of using felted wool is different from what is usually done. In the past I made jewelry, scarves and even clothes, but my need to say things was too strong. So, as I love textiles, I created a process that allows me to create paintings in felted wool. Over the years, I discover more and more different facets and materials that take me on a journey through the transformation of wool”.

Unearthing… Fernand Nault by Josée Hurteau

Josée Hurteau presents a series of three creations inspired by the choreographic works of Fernand Nault:

Fernand Nault encore (April 2022)

Il était une fois… (February 2022)

La Scouine (working title, in creation)

To acquire a painting by Josée Hurteau:

NB: A percentage of the sale of the works will be donated to the Fonds philanthropique Fernand Nault (FPFN)

Fernand Nault encore, 23 x 26 po., merino wool, silk, 550$, April 2022

Celebration of the cycle of life, of the return of spring. In the foreground, the silhouette of Fernand Nault inviting us to dance life. Inspired from elements of the ballet Carmina Burana, choreography by Fernand Nault, costumes by François Barbeau, sets by Robert Prévost.


Il était une fois…, 36 X 32 in., merino wool, silk, tulle, 1100$, February 2022

Like a breath of fresh air, candor and wonder come together. Clara’s rich imagination, heart of Fernand Nault’s ballet, carries smiles and soothes the soul.

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